i have been posting videos, music, and pics pretty much like most other blogs. today, i will express my thoughts via writing so that you can hear it straight from me, The Twilite Tone of GREAT WEEKEND. the above title is a phrase i coined about 2 years ago. it hit me like a lightening bolt as i was thinking i'm tired of criticizing and having conversations criticizing of others that don't fit my aesthetic or point of view. i'm going to focus on creating what i like, what i want, how i like to look, what i like to eat, drink, and digest. I'M GOING TO CREATE MY WORLD AS I SEE FIT. never mind what others are doing, saying, or thinking. then ZAPP!!! the idea struck me, "CRITICISM IS MISPLACED CREATIVITY". instead of using that ingenuity to create what we want. we rather use our genius to improve on others so-called flawed work or worst, point out the so-called flaws of others simply because it doesn't measure up to our standard[s] of what we deem perfection. the solution: MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS. MIND-BUSINESS. yes, put your MIND toward and in your own BUSINESS and simply watch how irrelevant the so-called flaws of others become. you might very well begin to appreciate others for being different from your self and the work you put forth. 


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